CRITICAL MASS: (noun) an amount necessary or sufficient to have a significant effect or to achieve a result.

We know, you’ve been down this road before. You get ready to take control and start moving towards a healthier lifestyle, and then something gets in the way.

Maybe it’s that you’ve started to feel like a number at your gym. Like they’re always trying to sell you on something, like the latest detox product or fitness class. Or you get hurt working with a trainer who has you lifting a weight you have no business lifting. Suddenly, the road to well-being seems really, really complicated.

Let us simplify fitness for you.

We like to think of ourselves as the Anti-Gym. We’ve created a community of like-minded people dedicated to fitness and overseen by a team of coaches with over a decade of experience who ask you to do just one thing: show up.

Once you’ve committed to that – once you’ve literally reached “critical mass” – we can help steer you towards success.

We help you set small, attainable goals and provide the education and support you need to reach them, whether you choose group classes or one-on-one training. We want to eliminate all those barriers to success you’ve run into in the past and give you the information and motivation you need to hurdle your way towards an improved quality of life and healthier lifestyle.

Let’s get you to Critical Mass Training Systems.

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