Middletown NJ #1 Freshman in the NCAA!

This past weekend Penn State University hosted the Big 10 Track & Field Outdoor Championships.  Freshman at Michigan University Andrew Liskowitz, a former CBA student-athlete aka STUDLETE, went on to perform a life-time best of 19.15m (62.10ft).  This distance was good enough to edge out his older teammate and places Andrew as the top freshman in the NCAA!

How did Andrew get here?


6 years ago I met Andrew. We met maybe once a month. He had length in his standing throw a patience in his glide. He was probably a 31 footer at this time. Even though he showed great promise to be a good thrower, he almost got cut from his team.  Andrew attended the POWER HOUSE CBA in Lincroft NJ, known for their runners. The throwing coach Andrew Cusick envisioned a power house in the throws.  So, he put the pressure on the kids. This urgency to get better bloomed Liskowitz into a 51 foot glider his junior year. Then he converted to the spin and it took a life of it’s own. I remember telling the kids “if you want to get better you have to throw on your own… You can’t depend on me or your coach… GET YOUR THROWS IN!”  Andrew at some point sent me a text and video of him throwing in his driveway. THE SHOT PUT HAS HIM NOW!  He wants to get better, he is trying on his own! YES! He has now caught the bug! Andrew’s technique started to bloom into it’s own thing. I gave basic ques and reinforced a program that would allow him to peak at the right time. Andrews spin became his own.  I constantly had kids and coaches asking me what we did, “his technique is beautiful.” Well, that was all him. He took interest, found what made him throw consistently and BOOM a big teenage body moved like a ballerina!


Andrew walked on at the University of Michigan and had to pay his do’s. He competed at Junior Nationals out in California last summer as a red-shirt freshman. Now Andrew being able to compete for his school locked in some monster points at conference! He still has NCAA Regions in two weeks where they will narrow down the field for the actual NCAA Championships held in TRACK TOWN USA, Eugene, Oregon! NCAA CHAMPS LINK.  No matter what happens Andrew has three more years of eligibility under coach Jerry Clayton, which will bring him right to the 2020 Olympic Trials! I wonder, how many shot putters from New Jersey will there be competing in the top 24 at the Olympic Trials in three years!?!?!?! hmmmm!

Watch Andrew’s throw here

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