Stopping Exercise is BAD for your Brain!

So summer is coming to an end.  Be honest, have you been on top of your workouts or did they fall off.  Listen it happens.  Summer brings about more free time, but it also brings an inconsistent schedule which can throw off eating healthy and getting your fitness on.
After just a few weeks off you can lose a significant amount of cardiovascular endurance; but there is something more important that you could lose, YOUR MIND!

The Frontiers in Aging Neurosciense published a study on cerebral blood flow during exercise and after taking 10 days off.  The results were stunning, where researchers found that after subjects stopped exercising, blood flow decreased 20% – 30% in eight regions of the brain.  Most notably effected was the left and right hippocampus.  This area of the brain is responsible for learning and memory and is one of the first regions to diminish in size in people with Alzheimer’s disease.  That’s why other studies have recommended that Alzheimer’s patients perform an exercise program to improve their quality of life.

Researches noted that cognitive decline went unnoticed and longer studies would have to be performed.  I think we all know people who had stopped exercising or discontinued their daily activities and went downhill.  So do we really need a long term study to point out the obvious that MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE?!  Other research has shown increased blood flow, due to exercise, increases growth of new brain blood vessels and brain cells. WE MUST KEEP MOVING!

Taking a break from intense workouts is essential for recovery but you should not cease all exercise!  Speak to one of the trainers if you are feeling burnt out.  We will get you into a routine that will keep you moving but allow your body to rest and recover! IMG_3188

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