Grow Your Tree July Yoga Challenge

We are very excited to add the element of Yoga to our class schedule! Lisa Perry, who you may recognize, will be running a 4 week Yoga Challenge this July!


  • Classes are 75 minutes long
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 7-8:15pm
  • $49 to enter
  • Complete 4 Classes (1 class per week that is scheduled) and get 100% of your money back!


How could Lisa’s Yoga benefit you!?

1. Reduces and/or Prevents Injury

One of the greatest gifts that yoga offers is injury reduction/prevention. Our programs work on full range of motion but there may be some restrictions on your range of motion, whether that be the shoulders, hips or back, that you may be able to correct through concentrated thought on a particular Yoga stretch or movement.

Shortened and tight muscles cause restricted range of motion, reduce the functionality of the joints, and most of all, cause the loss of joint alignment which creates immense wear and tear — accounting for a lot of the stiffness, tightness and pain people feel.

Yoga is an opportunity to help stabilize the joints and greatly help improve the range of motion. In the long run this will help you tackle some hard workouts and improve your motion!

2. Breathing Efficiency

Ever notice that you hold your breath too long? I’m always telling a athlete or client to breath. This is where yoga can help.

Breathing is essential when applying force on an object, whether that be squatting, jumping or using a row machine. When is it the right time to breathe? Yoga can help you become more aware your breath when applying force, supporting weight or even just recovering between sets. Proper breathing helps with recovery time and gives the muscles the much needed oxygen to help grow and repair.

3. Improves Balance Between Muscles

Yoga will very quickly and easily help you to identify which parts of your body are out of balance, overworked, too tight or too weak and offer you the ability to be able to correct this and bring your body back into a place of balance. If your a weekend softball player or a biker, there are many balance issues happening that can lead you to injury. Yoga will help even this out.

4. Improves Posture and Form

Posture and form are essential for completing lifts and doing it without injury.  Many weightlifting injuries are a result of bad posture and incorrect form. As much as we try to give you tips on how to perform an exercise properly, it’s best that you calculate and know what your body is doing.  A yoga practice will help you to not only become aware of, but also greatly improve, your posture over time. Proper posture will only help your weight lifting!

5. Relaxation & Recovery

In yoga, the muscles stretch and relax – allowing increased blood flow to the muscles. This brings in more oxygen to the body and allows the muscles to heal and grow stronger. Deepening the breath in yoga, we also learn to relax more and find balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, allowing you to recover much more quickly and effectively. This can also be used outside the gym when in a stressful situation. By taking in these deep belly breaths you can drop your heart rate almost instantly and relax!

Yoga will also give you further insight on how you feel. A more mind body connection. From this understanding of your body you will know when it’s a good to to push a harder worker or when it’s time to back off!



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