The Critical Difference

It all seems so simple, right? You start exercising, eating right and before you know it, you’re in shape.

Then why do things always seem to get in the way? Getting to the gym starts to seem like a hassle and you’re not really sure what you should – or shouldn’t – be eating. It all gets complicated – and a little boring – and one day, you just stop showing up.

At Critical Mass Taining Systems our clients show up.

And they tell us again and again that what helped them reach their fitness goals was that they found a community of like minded people at Critical Mass who helped support and encourage them to succeed. Our fitness and nutrition programs really do become a way of life.

Overseeing it all is our dedicated coaching team who bring something unusual to the fitness game: brains. They took their passion for health and physical fitness to the classroom and earned degrees in various specialties, which they now use to help a wide range of clients find and maintain wellness. Our team looks at the whole person – your lifestyle, work-life, home-life and overall mindset – to develop goals and work with you, every step of the way, as you achieve them.

They’ll be cheering for you at the finish line.