Corona NEWS!


With the growing concern of the Corona Virus, we must distance ourselves. We can argue about this all day, but keeping distance has shown to lessen the spread which in turn will help local medical staff deal with this situation. 

What does this mean?

Group Classes


Classes will not be held inside Critical Mass at all until you hear otherwise!

  • "Critical Mass- Find Your Strength" private Facebook page is where you will see updates along with Instagram.  Here you will see where the class is (Facebook Live ONLINE or Instagram Live)
  • So, friend request me asap (Jon Kalnas) and I will add you to the Facebook group so that you get access to the class information.

Personal Training

We are offering to come to your home for training or meet at a park. Eventually, we see this stopping completely due to the growing positive results. 

General Members & Personal Training Members

There will be NO ACCESS to the gym until we hear otherwise. So, we are offering you these options:

  • Access to equipment that you can utilize at home! So, contact a trainer and see when they are in so that you can grab some gear. All you have to do is sign it out!


Our goal is to keep our seniors safe.  We must be proactive and not take this lightly. The quicker and better we work together, the quicker we get back to normality. 

corona virus gyms

Social distancing and being clean is the best way to help combat against Corona Virus. 

If you have any questions please contact me through the pop up on this page or email us at