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Lift Swing Flow

We have developed the LIFT SWING FLOW Method, which we find to be the quickest, safest and fun way to achieve fitness!

Your Fitness

Weight loss happens, but even more pronounced is weight loss with muscle & strength gains. So, when your body changes you look different, not like a skinnier version of your fast self. You will actually look fit!

Your Mental Health

We encourage fun. We want  your true self to be present here. Lets see if we can turn your frown upside down!

Section 1
Lift Swing Flow Method

Our workouts are designed by trainers from all types of backgrounds. From the Vegan Steel Mace Flow Influencer, Ken Potis to the former Elite Shot-putter now Elite T&F Coach, Jon Kalnas or maybe the Pilates GURU MASTER Nicole Twomey... We have you covered with unique exercises that will stimulate the body to change and encourage your brain to be engaged.

Section 2
Your Fitness

You will move your body with or without weight (a tool) through levels. Levels are positions you put your body through (Level 1: Standing, Level 2: Half Stand/Athletic Position, Level 3: Ground-Based) with each position being challenged. Here we have found great success with strength gains, weight-loss, prevention of falls etc. This is how you change the body. Doing work at a level with a tool and adapting. GET FIT!

Section 3
Your Mental Health

"Change the brain change the game". This is a lifestyle change where you learn how to move your body properly, eat what the Earth provides and develop a grinder mentality. Push yourself to your limits and learn how to constantly be in a state of flow physically and mentally.

Testimonial/Scott Crotta

Through the diversity of the trainers and coaches, combined with the varieties of methods they utilize in their programs and classes, I was able to change the way I looked at fitness and my lifestyle. Diversity, accountability, self motivation and camaraderie were easily achieved in a short period of time. It quickly became somewhere I was anxious to get back to every time I left.  Critical Mass is undoubtedly the best “gym” I have ever gotten involved in. I will always recommend Critical Mass to anyone, regardless of their age or fitness level. 

Scott Crotta

Commercial Diver


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