OPEN AIR Fitness Classes are underway.


Continue your workouts with Critical MASS as businesses begin their reopening process!

Crush  workouts with us!

Contributing to the flattening of the  Covid-19 Virus, we are providing workouts in our outdoor space & indoor space through person to person, recorded videos or live streaming classes.  training sessions!


-Classes/Personal Training limited to 25 people.

-10+ feet or more of social distancing

-No sharing of equipment.


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Stay accountable during this life interruption 

We had an overwhelming online response during our lock-down phase. Now we must adapt and progressive forward. 

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

Be a part of our Exclusive private Facebook group page.

We filter out the weak. Only the Strong have access to our private page. If you want to workout this is for you!

Exercise Class themes to challenge your mind and body.

We get creative, cause we have to. Being limited to some our our equipment makes us think outside the box!

Morning and Evening classes 

Our classes will be LIVE in person & live through our Facebook group. 

Active COMMUNITY Online & Off

Not only do you get workouts, but you get access to every Critical Mass trainer. You get to speak to other humans other than the ones you've been locked up with. 


Class schedule is subject to change. We hope to be at full throttle as soon as the State allows us!

LINK to schedule 


Sessions can be made by appointment only. Indoor or outdoor sessions, you choose! There is no general use or group workouts permitted in the building. 

What Others Are Saying:

Nancy Britton

I want to say thank you for all the posts, workouts, videos, equipment loans and support. In a world that seems upside down you guys are helping us have some sense of normalcy by being able to continue our workouts. Even if we are not physically at the gym I still feel connected and supported. You guys are the best!!!

tinton falls gym

Nikki LaRocca

We appreciate you. We are getting through this together!

redbank gym

Steven Gribble

Joining Critical Mass and working with the strength coaches has had a great impact on my life.
I never have been a “gym guy.” Weight benches, pull-ups and push-ups were all foreign to me. I was fearful of using gym equipment and doubted myself on achieving any fitness goal.
This past year that all changed for me. I love the group classes. 

Join us, find support during these weird times. We will get through this together!

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