Flowing Dutchman Fitness Workshop Feb 8th!

The Flowing Dutchman


This February 8th, all the way from Amsterdam, The Flowing Dutchman will be putting on an 8 hour Fitness workshop on the Steel Mace and other functional movements. These types of seminars highlighting different ways to reach your fitness goals will be routinely done here at Critical Mass. You can find out more/sign up below:

Jersey Shore Mace Workshop Was a SUCCESS!

Jersey Shore Mace was at Critical Mass

Jersey Shore Mace did some work here at Critical Mass this past weekend. This event was 2+ hours filled with information regarding the Mace and all it can be used for. The Mace is a tool once used for killing, but now we use for fitness. First being brought to light within social media, by ONNIT and then developed further by a crew of fitness professionals like Ken Potis, Leo Savage and Fred Mohr. Ken Potis started Mace training 3 years ago and took it to another level and developed a workout that actually burns more calories than the boot camps and other group classes here at the Jersey Shore. That’s why we incorporate this into our classes and is one of the featured tools used in the Lift. Swing. Flow. Fitness Challenge starting this January 5th 2020 here in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

Getting fit and staying healthy is hard but if you surround yourself with motivating people and trust their methods, you will see results. This tool along with everything else offered is a great way to reach your goals. Trust the process. Know it will take some time, but you will have fun.

Jersey Shore

New Jersey


If you would like to learn more go here: Learn More

Tactical Strength Challenge

Tactical Strength Challenge at the Jersey Shore

The Tactical Strength Challenge is back! Critical Mass will again be hosting the event here at the Jersey Shore!

There will be three events contested (You may choose to participate in 1, 2, or all 3 of the events):

  • A max power lift dead lift (3 attempts)- Most people will be doing this.
  • Pull ups for max reps (palms forward, no kipping, chin must clear the bar) or a flexed arm hang (in the Novice Women’s category).
  • Kettlebell snatches for max reps in a 5:00 time period (unlimited hand switches and different weights for different competitor categories).


If you would like to learn more or register for the event go here: REGISTRATION


To register for the event please follow the link here: REGISTER FOR TSC AT CRITICAL MASS

Mace Training. Once for killing. Now for Fitness!

Mace Training at the Jersey Shore

Here is the latest Podcast by Fred featuring our own Ken Potis, Mace Training, Tactical Strength and Fitness!

watch more podcasts by Fred at: BURN BUILD BECOME

Ballet Dancers Weight Train!

Ballet with Gabriel Chajnik

Critical Mass member Gabriel Chajnik is a Master Instructor and Director of Choreography at the Axelrod Contemporary Ballet Theater. This is the second member with deep interests in Ballet. The other is Connor Meadrow who is a student at Rumson Fairhaven High School and trains here also. Gabriel made his way to our gym following trainer Scott Clayton. Keeping focus on health and fitness after a career of dance is a priority for Gabriel. In speaking with him, I found out a whole new world of Arts are right in my backyard. There are tons of shows happening through the winter and spring months of 2019. The Axelrod Contemporary Ballet Theater is located at 100 Grant Ave, Deal Park, New Jersey. I plan on attending and maybe you should too! The Nutcracker is next on their list.

AXCBT presents The Nutcracker ROCKS

Dec. 20th, 27th & 28th at 8 PM 

Dec. 21st at 2 PM & 7 PM

Dec. 22nd & 29th at 2 PM 

TICKETS: Regular Adult: $54, Regular Senior: $36, Students: $36

A holiday event for the whole family, The Nutcracker ROCKS is a mixture of high-power music and dance that will transport you to a land of brave toy soldiers and sweet sugar plum fairies. Based on Hoffman’s original story, choreographer Gabriel Chajnik translates the Victorian-era Nutcracker from the bustles and ruffles of the 1890s to contemporary times in this premiere from the Axelrod Contemporary Ballet Theater. Clara’s rocker Uncle Drosselmeier shakes things up when he shows up to a distinguished Manhattan holiday party with his electric guitar and his amazing toys, igniting the imagination of people young and old. The beloved Tchaikovsky score is reimagined in collaboration with renowned rocker Alex Levine, a member of The Gaslight Anthem. The Nutcracker ROCKS is destined to become a Jersey Shore staple for many holidays to come.

visit the Premier Ballet Company of Monmouth County

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Thanksgiving Thursday

The gym is open on Thanksgiving Day! Thursday gym hours will be 7 am to 12 noon. We will only be holding one class at 8 am. Friends and family are welcome to join for free! There will be a raffle for some FREE stuff!!!!! So, come on in and burn some calories before you put them back on at dinner!

open gym tinton falls