Jersey Shore Tactical Strength Challenge Oct 26th 2019

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Tactical Strength Challenge at the Jersey Shore


Jersey Shore it’s about that time!!!! On October 26th 2019, Critical Mass will again be hosting the TSC!

There will be three events contested (You may choose to participate in 1, 2, or all 3 of the events):

  • A max power lift dead lift (3 attempts)- Most people will be doing this.
  • Pull ups for max reps (palms forward, no kipping, chin must clear the bar) or a flexed arm hang (in the Novice Women’s category).
  • Kettlebell snatches for max reps in a 5:00 time period (unlimited hand switches and different weights for different competitor categories).




The Only Trend That MATTERS!

Do you keep up with new trends in the world of fitness? There always seems to be a headline proclaiming the latest and greatest trend, each promising to be the solution that you’ve always needed.

Of course, these trends pass with the seasons, quickly being replaced with something newer and more popular.

Today I’d like you to consider the only trend that really matters to your health and fitness progress: the trend of your own BEHAVIOR!

Here’s what I mean: Have you ever noticed how easy it is to do the same thing today as you did yesterday? This applies to both your activity level and your diet.

If you got up at 5am yesterday to get in a workout, then getting up at 5am again today is going to be pretty easy. However, if you slept in until 7am yesterday then getting up at 5am today is going to be much more difficult.
If you ate pizza and beer for dinner last night, then eating pizza and beer (or a burger and fries) is going to feel pretty natural. However, if you ate grilled chicken and broccoli for dinner last night, then eating a salad and grilled fish for dinner is going to feel easy.

Remember learning about inertia in school? Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion. This has incredible application to your fitness journey.

The longer you can maintain a healthy fitness trend in your own behavior, the easier it will become to maintain that trend. Isn’t that great?!

This simple concept, of maintaining your own daily fitness trend, is the way to continue towards your goal, to avoid setbacks, and to maintain your forward momentum.

So the next time that you see a flashy headline about the latest fitness trend, simply smile to yourself and focus on keeping your own daily fitness progress on track.

Want accountability? Critical Mass would love to help you! Give us call or shoot us an email and let’s get you on track to shed some major fat before summer! CONTACT US HERE!

Olympic Medalist Tom Wilkens

Hey CMass Crew!!! Did you know for the last 28 Days you were training side by side with an Olympic medalist? Tom Wilkens won the Bronze for the USA in the 200 Meter Medley at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Two years later he went on to win the Gold at the 2002 World Championships held in Moscow. You never know who you might be training with at Critical Mass!



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Is After-Burn Real?

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Is After-Burn Real?

You’ve probably heard that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) produces an after burn effect, which means your body continues to burn extra calories at an elevated rate for 24 hours after the completion of your workout.

Sure that’s sounds amazing, but is it too good to be true?

The Science of After-Burn

There is a scientific term for after burn: excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPEOC). This refers to the oxygen that your body needs to restore after a heart-pounding workout.

So after-burn is indeed real.

While you exercise your body needs fuel to keep your muscles firing, and this requires oxygen to transport the fuel into the muscles. This causes your metabolism to rev up to an elevated state during and after exercise.

Intense Exercise = Intense After-Burn

Studies show that there is a direct correlation between the intensity of your workout and the amount of calories burned during the after-burn period.

In order to get the most after-burn bang for your buck, you must push yourself to 70-85% of your max heart rate during your workout. The more intense your workout, the more bonus calories you will burn in the hours afterwards.

Intense and vigorous exercise keeps your body burning calories hours after the workout is through. And this is not the only benefit to HIIT workouts – there’s also the bonus of increased muscle tone, fat loss and an increase in your aerobic capacity.

Keep this in mind the next time that you push yourself through a workout. Remember that intensity pays off, and an HIIT workout has more proven benefits than a steady state cardio workout.

I’d love for you to experience one of Adam’s intense, fat-burning workouts! Call or email me now to get started.

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Want MORE After -Burn?

Then use all of your muscles.

To AMP up your after-burn, avoid single joint movements that isolate body parts and instead focus on compound, full body movements. Exercises like squats, lunges and deadlifts work multiple joints and muscles and increase the intensity of your workout, and likewise the intensity of your after-burn effect and the number of calories that you burn.

Can Human Advancements be Hurting us?

Today many people are developing intestinal discomfort, allergies and just plan getting sick from consuming foods they love!  There are a few reasons for this.

1.     Industrialized production of food:  Do you think that 7.4 billion humans on this planet is a good idea?  Well, how in the hell can the World feed these people?  The answer is mass production of food.  However, this food is absolute garbage!  Animals being fed antibiotics, kept in small pens, being beaten while they sleep and die in their own feces! Should I go further into the meats we eat?  Okay I will chill out!  Lets take a look at MILK.  I love milk especially the RAW yellow tinted greatness I get from Pennsylvania, but we here in New Jersey I drink pasteurized milk.  Pasteurized is flashed heated to kill bacteria that may be lurking, to keep us safe!  Really they are pasteurizing it to kill the manure, blood and puss that finds its way into the milk.  Gross right?  So, why would I drink RAW milk? It’s easy! The bacteria! Well, the good bacteria!  I want the bacteria to keep my gut healthy.  The healthier the gut the less disease and sickness I will experience.  Now, my milk comes from a farm in Pennsylvania that is closely regulated to keep it’s bacteria ‘x’ parts per million.  If he were to go over that, then BOOM he loses everything!  Raw milk farmers keep their cows clean.  No puss, no manure and no blood… just WHITE GOLD!  Outside of the grossness of what could be in our milk, is what happens to it when it is pasteurized.  Pasteurization denatures the Lactose molecule, which then can not be absorbed.  It passes through the intestine and then, well you know what happens next.  Now, because the practice of pasteurization isn’t going any where, there needs to be a solution.  Kenneth Manzo of may have just solved a problem for millions of people.  For the last ten years he has been working on a product called Lacto-Freedom.  This patented probiotic can be ingested and then will thrive within the intestines for up to three months helping to breakdown and absorb the sugar Lactose.  More research on this probiotic is being conducted by Celprogen.

More information about the Lacto-Freedom probiotic and Celprogen can be found here at:

Lacto-Freedom website:

Patent information:

2.     Cesarean births: To keep this simple, as a baby passes through the stomach/mothers skin they receive bacteria, but this bacteria is not the kind they want! Vaginal births have a higher rate of healthy gut flora!

3.     Antibiotics: Antibiotics are in our food.  They are given to use by doctors to help cure infections and other sicknesses.  This too has had an effect on our gut’s bacteria.  This alone may be the cause of the rise in Allergies like peanuts.  Fifteen years ago I never heard of someone worrying about if peanuts were in their food.  Currently it’s labeled on food packaging and I hear more and more stories of children getting deathly ill at school from sharing a friend’s snack.

4.     Plastics/BPA’s and other chemicals:  Plastic is everywhere!  We sit on it, we use plastic when eating, we drink from plastics and I am typing on plastic! When it is heated, worn or put under pressure, these  chemicals can leak.  Some of these wonderful (sarcasm) chemicals like Bispherol A (BPA), Phthalates, Vinyl Chloride, Dioxin and Styrene are human carcinogens.  These effect the endocrine system, which regulates our hormones and that chain link goes to the next, to the next and to the next.  Then all the sudden you’re at the dinner table and you get “leaky gut”.  It’s been found that increased BPAs found within the blood are linked to increased intestinal inflammation.  Also, could plastics also be linked to Autism? Plastic is everywhere and Autism is up 600% from 10 years ago! Makes you think doesn’t it?

It seems like the more and more we advance in technology/medicine, that we cure things that were incurable 100 years ago. However, now it seems like out advancement is also slowing the production of healthy human evolution. It’s going to be scary to see what ailments the future will hold for us. A word to the wise, eat nutrient dense foods and follow other healthy eating practices

Article by Jon Kalnas

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