Diet Soda’s

Lets get your brain churning!

Avoiding sugar is a smart move on your part.  Replacing it with an artificial sweetener is a bad move!  Artificial sweeteners still keep the body craving sugar. Therefore, you are in a constant battle to stay away from the deserts! Artificial sweeteners are a bad choice because of the damage they will do to your body.  I am referring to aspartame, which is in so many of our beverages and bodybuilding supplements.  Aspartame, when ingested, is converted to formaldehyde.  What is formaldehyde? If you can remember your high school biology class, then you will remember the preservative that the cats, pigs and organs floated in- that is formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is listed as an environmental toxin by the EPA , and when ingested in the human body, it causes widespread nerve damage: damage to the optic nerve, brain cells, and the nerve cells that control body movement.   Any human being valuing their mind and bodies can easily see how this sweetener can cause cancer and ruin your life.   Obvious side effects of ingesting aspartame are migraine headaches, muscle tremors, vision problems, and mental confusion.  Now I am beginning to figure out why diet coke is so bad.

Why does the FDA allow the use of aspartame?  Well, in 1985 Donald Rumsfeld, The CEO of Searle Laboratories (manufacturer of Aspartame) at the time, was appointed to Ronald Regan’s staff.   Once on board he promoted Arthur Hull Hayes as the FDA commissioner.   Since aspartame was developed no FDA commissioner in the 16 year life of aspartame approved of it until Rumsfeld and Hayes had power.   Are we seeing the pattern here?   CEO of company gets power to hire someone that can approve his product resulting in huge profits! Aspartame is a neurotoxin and that is why it’s ILLEGAL in Europe… Welcome to America! Where money is man’s only desire!

We all know how important it is for you to reach our optimal genetic potential.  Ingesting aspartame will not allow you to reach your peak performance.  When a component within the body does not perform properly, in this case your nervous system, there will be a domino effect causing the whole body to be stressed and to under perform.  So why do we keep eating or drinking this stuff?  I mean I love Diet Coke but now after researching and speaking to some nutritionists, I am going to stop drinking it… or maybe indulge less frequently.  Further reading:  How aspartame became legal timeline