A Fun Moment

On the surface we saw one hell of a game. Conditioned athletes on both sides pulling off big hits and even bigger plays! Some things that the tv doesn’t catch during the live event are special moments where below the surface we can see more dynamic life within the game itself. Here two Eagle wide-receivers cross in the middle of the field and… I will let you watch.

Anyone who has participated in sports and had the experience of being in the “zone” where things seem effortless, can really appreciate the confidence and fun these guys were having!

Social Media Athletes

We are bombarded with Social Media videos of people performing amazing athletic feats.  However, what is really impressive?  Is it the person with 1 million followers on Instagram doing something cool or is it the athlete that has directed his abilities to a single event? I’ll be an ass, I can’t stand the people doing box jumps in a gym getting glory on social media when there is an athlete putting his or her life on hold, making little to no money for a chance at glory.  You be the judge… what video do you find to be more impressive?