Your Tired Ass!

Do you need coffee to start off your day? Have you recently gained weight, especially around the mid section?

If Yes, then you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue!

Adrenal glands are responsible for a boat load of hormones that are essential for life as you know it! Some include DHEA, Progesterone, Testosterone and cortisol. Since the adrenals are responsible for these hormones, they are directly related to energy production, fat storage, fluid and electrolyte balance.

The main culprite of adrenal fatigue is stress.  Our daily routines lack the ability to relax. Our workdays have become longer, poor eating has become a habit and a good nights sleep has become far too distant. These overtime will cause a dysfunction of the adrenals that will lead to some or all of the symptoms below:

•Mild depression or anxiety
•Multiple food and or inhalant allergies
•Lethargy and lack of energy. Desire for “cat naps”
•Difficulty in performing daily tasks
•Decreased stress coping skills
•Dry and thin skin
•Heart Palpitation
•Hair thinning or lose

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you may have adrenal fatigue.

Now the question that needs an answer is “what do you do?”

1) Reduce or completely stop the intake of caffeine!

2) Sleep! Get it! 7-8 hours every night. If you are one of those people that can only sleep 4-5 hours, stop shitting yourself and get to bed! You may think you can function off those hours but there is no way you’re at your potential!

3) Reduce the strenuous workouts to easy workouts that don’t exhaust the body. If you continue to push you will dig a bigger hole for yourself.

4) Stop eating packaged foods and eat nutrient dense foods; Foods that do not have an ingredients list!

5) Learn to meditate or something that allows the mind to calm (read a book, go for a walk get a massage, walk out into a field and scream your lungs off!). This will also bring the heart rate down.

6) Adrenal Support supplements. Though it’s best to get nutrition from food, its recommended to supplement with an adrenal Support to ensure you are receiving adaquate micronutrients. Some take an adrenal Support as a daily supplement even if they don’t suffer from adrenal fatigue.

There are many ways to get your body functioning properly. Take one of these tips above and make it happen. One small step will result in a huge jump in your adrenal function.

Talk to one of the trainers at Critical Mass for further information. We also provide an adrenal support cocktail but if you need anything else book a nutrition counseling session with Julia!