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Caffeine Spray ONGO

Caffeine Spray ONGO is the first of it’s kind. The easy to carry bottle is the most convenient way to awaken the brain. Whether it be to get focused on a workout, competition or get work done at your job, ONGO is the way.

This isn’t a body shaking pre-workout. You don’t get the jitters. In what to expect they say you “feel bright.” That is probably the best description of it. Your mind feels whole, your thoughts sharp and clear. There is no crashing. The ingredients consist of green tea leaves, green coffee beans and guarana seed extract. It’s sugar free and GMP certified. The taste isn’t the greatest, but that was done on purpose. The specific taste of ONGO has a physiological effect. When you spray it into your mouth, the taste signals to the brain that it’s GAME TIME! Just like when you smell coffee in the morning. You know a stimulant is coming!

Still have your ritual coffee routine. Stick to what works. ONGO is quick way to pep you up. So, I would recommend using it for a sports competition, if you need a pick me up when you’re out at night and you don’t want to have a coffee or a red bull, or if you are on a long drive and don’t want to stop.


  1. Feel it within 5-10 minutes! You’ll feel BRIGHT, energized and ready to go, without the jitters or crashing.
  2. The taste is strong and may take some getting used to, but trust us, it’s worth it.
  3. If you have a high caffeine tolerance, wait 15 minutes before your second serving.

We have a tester bottle at Critical Mass that you are welcome to try.

3 sprays are 75mg of caffeine.

If you like it you can purchase it at Critical Mass for $20 or order online at ONGO ENERGY SPRAY


Thanksgiving Thursday

The gym is open on Thanksgiving Day! Thursday gym hours will be 7 am to 12 noon. We will only be holding one class at 8 am. Friends and family are welcome to join for free! There will be a raffle for some FREE stuff!!!!! So, come on in and burn some calories before you put them back on at dinner!

open gym tinton falls

Excuses are for the weak

Having trouble keeping up your motivation to workout?  We have found that many people flake out and their excuses are many!

  • Work schedule conflicts
  • Doctor recommended stopping the classes because they are “for younger people.”
  • Weird injuries that they can’t work around

What we have found is that many people don’t find working out important. So, how do you change the minds of the weak? For me it’s pretty simple… people who workout live longer, feel better, perform better at work and in bed! Why not function at your best? There shouldn’t be, there can’t be any reason not to! That’s why we started Critical Mass Training Systems! We want to spread the love on being fit! We want to show you the ways in which your body can move.



Listen if you don’t want to workout out in a structured setting then you better be outside digging a damn hole or running here and jumping there! The United States has a 40% obesity rate and a 30% diabetic/pre-diabetic problem. There are two reasons for this. One- the shit you eat and two- the lack of physical activity! It’s time to make a change. Make working out a priority like eating and sleeping… even if it’s once a week! Stop the nonsense! Do something to show your body and your family that you care!