Plastics this Holiday? I don’t mean to scare you but…


Plastics always gave me the chills. I can remember one Holiday dinner my mother microwaved some food with Saran Plastic-wrap. I freaked out saying “you can’t microwave that!” She assured me that it was ‘microwaveable safe’.   I CALL BULLSHIT! A thin piece of plastic being blasted with heat. That can’t be good!

There is a large amount of research pointing out the facts that plastics, or specifically BPA’s (gifts, receipts, toys, storage containers etc) have a direct effect on male a female fertility. There can even be DNA damage, impaired cognitive development, it promotes allergic activity in children and…

that stubborn fat you been trying to lose could be linked to your BPA intake!

Tips for reducing your exposure to plastics:

  • Avoid canned foods, The linings typically contain BPA. So that tuna fish you were eating that you thought was so healthy… isn’t so healthy!
  • Use glass/ceramic for drinking any liquid.
  • Instead of plastic water bottles, use stainless steel or glass. If you use plastic, keep them cool. Increased temperatures can break down the weak carbon bonds and leak them into your beverage!
  • Receipts contain BPA’s. Toss them out. Don’t distract your kids with them when shopping!
  • Every wonder why some toys are so cheap? Well, those plastics contain BPA’s or alternatives to BPA’s even if labeled ‘BPA free’. Instead, go for wood toys! Bring it back old school!
  • Never heat food in plastic containers or use Saran Wrap!
  • Use parchment paper or beeswax fabric.
  • Cosmetics and personal care products, and avoid those that contain phthalates (plastic chemical) in the ingredients list.
  • When storing food use glass!
  • Heated car seats should be avoided, especially if pregnant! The weak carbon bonds that make up the foam within the seats breakdown and seep into the body.
*If you want the articles of research email me and I will send them your way.