Athlete Training

athlete trainig

Athlete Strength Training, Speed & Agility. 

For a young athlete looking for a competitive edge, we offer personalized training both on- and off-season with our coaching staff to maximize your athletic potential. Whether you’re looking for strength training or speed and agility our staff of former and current athletes with years of training between them will bring you to the next level.

Over the past 6 years we have help save New Jersey parents over $1,000,000 in college tuition!

Our training includes:

  • Individualized program tailored for your needs.
  • Training that is focused on your sport
  • Speed & agility exercises targeted for the position you play!
  • A program that tracks and modifies progress.
  • Goal-oriented approach – we want results!
  • Perfect for middle school, high school and college-level athletes


For your convenience the start and end times of the sessions can vary. Programs are individually designed to each athlete and the atmosphere, yet intense, can be relaxed and stretched out or quick if needed. We are not your regular cookie cutter athlete program. We let your kids socialize, ask questions and learn.

  • FRIDAY 3PM-5:30PM

Once signed up the athlete will be part of the group chat which will help with the following:

  • Keeping up to date on more available training times.
  • Constant education on nutrition and mental strategies for success.
  • Constant communication on technique improvements (video analysis).
  • A platform for the kids to ask questions.

Lets get your journey started!