First Responder Fitness

First Responder Fitness / Tactical Athlete Program

Functional Strength & Conditioning for the First Responder

Police-Fire-Corrections-EMT/First Aid- Military and Veteran

Our classes don’t work like the others. This isn’t Jazzercise. This isn’t throwing you on a piece of cardio equipment for 30 minutes, and it’s not about beating you up and constantly competing. This is about


We aren’t just sweat and high fives, we make people stronger, leaner, and more mobile. Our strength classes typically consist of barbell work, kettlebell work, body weight movements, as well as other more unconventional tools like the mace, sandbags, sleds, TRX, and more. Our HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes will get the heart rate up with a mix of high pace movements with controlled work and rest periods. Our no-nonsense approach builds fitter, more capable bodies, which is why it is beloved by First Responders and other active people. Whether you are a beginner or have been going to the gym for 30 years, your goals are respected like an athlete from the moment you come through the door for your initial Movement Evaluation.



I’m a 56 year old female that suffers from chronic asthma and has had 3 c-section births and a hysterectomy. I had no lungs, no core muscles, no confidence, and no strength. Ken Potis and the trainers at Critical Mass have encouraged, taught and challenged me. I now hate missing my exercise routine and my strength and confidence level is through the roof. Literally, if I can do it, anyone can do it. Give Critical Mass a try. 

In the words of my new Critical Mass Family and my new moto- “Just Show Up!”

-Kim, 56, First Aid, Fair Haven Resident


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