Kettlebell Training

It’s an amazing tool for workouts.

When you properly swing a bell, your heart rate can jump up as high as if you were running or jumping. However, your feet never move! So, the need for exercise space can be small. With kettlebell swinging alone, you can burn up to 20 calories a minute! Not only are will you get your cardio for the day, you will also build muscle.

Kettlebell movements can be easier on the body.

Critical Mass follows a warm up routine that flows from one movement to another. This allows the client to warm up and take the necessary steps to complete complex movements. Proper KB technique has less impact on the joints than running. The gliding and swiveling help promote uptake of nutrients which keeps your joints healthy.

It’s functional training.

Challenging the body to perform complex movements can be beneficial for the brain. Strength, endurance and balance are increased when using kettlebells. This type of training can transfer into the real world setting.

A Kettlebell is a piece of equipment that is utilized in almost every personal training session or group class.

Saturday mornings we offer a kettlebell class at 8:00 AM. If you would like to try a kettlebell class here at Critical Mass contact us.